Factors to Consider When Hiring a Private Phonics Tutor

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Private Phonics Tutor

Before hiring a phonics tutor in Dubai, you should ask about their experience, education requirements, and price. Tutors should also have similar teaching experience. After all, they’ll be evaluating your child’s needs. In addition, they may use standardized tests, school reports, and other methods to assess the student’s skills. A tutor specializing in a particular subject or difficulty level will have to spend more time preparing lessons, which means they will charge you more.

References are a must

Before selecting a private tutor, you should contact previous clients and colleagues. References can be any person, including a teacher or employer. They should be available for an interview and provide their details. Moreover, they should be able to provide important character information such as work ethic, perseverance, and leadership qualities. Asking former students and colleagues for references is also a good idea, particularly if the person is still in school.

Education requirements

Private tutors work independently with students to develop their learning abilities and provide guidance during their educational journey. Many tutoring companies focus on various aspects of the education process, from helping young children master reading skills to preparing students for the SATs. Governmental and nonprofit organizations also employ private tutors. While undergraduate degrees are sufficient for most positions, a graduate degree is highly recommended. Education requirements for private tutors vary from one profession to another, but most tutors should have some college coursework.


There are many factors to consider when hiring a private tutor, and experience is perhaps the most important. Past results and client testimonials are your best guides to a good private tutor. Make sure the tutor is legitimate and has a good reputation. Experience is more valuable than education or credentials, and a history of exemplary work will go a long way in convincing you to hire them. Read on for tips and guidelines on hiring a private tutor.


Prices for private tutoring vary greatly, depending on the skills needed. Experts usually charge more for their time and knowledge, and not everyone can teach trigonometry. First-time tutors are likely to charge less than DH 30 per hour, while experienced students might charge DH 50 or more. Parents and students often question the value of private tutoring services, claiming that it is a waste of money. Here are some tips for determining the right price for your child.